You could be the lucky winner of Colin da Frog and raise money for St Ann’s Hospice at the same time!

In 2021, St Ann’s Hospice had the honour of working with the fantastic team from Totally Stockport as part of the 2021 Gigantic Leap Art Trail.

St Ann’s Hospice was the beneficiary of the trail which raised over £38,000 as a result of the frog’s auction and a host of other contributions from frog-related fundraising activities in schools and businesses in Stockport.

This year, the auction proceeds of each frog who was part of this summer’s Frogtastic Inventions Trail has been assigned to a different charity, helping even more communities benefit from this summer’s frog art trail.

Marie Foster, Innovation and Digital Fundraiser, says: “We are delighted to benefit once again from Totally Stockport’s generosity, with our assigned frog “Colin Da Frog”. All proceeds from the sale will go towards our hospice to help fund the services we provide for our community.”

“Colin Da Frog”, designed by Claire Byrom, represents the invention of the calendar, with great detail that embraces the Mayan/Aztec and Mesoamerican cultures.

The design is based on the Aztec Sun Stone, also known as the Calendar Stone, a round stone slab that measures about 12 feet in diameter and weighs over 24 tons.

Each frog this year is perched on its cog, and will be kept safe for the lucky bidders who will have the chance to own a piece of Stockport’s history and a unique piece of art.

Other local charities that are benefiting from the proceeds of the auction include Stockport MIND, Stockport Community County Trust and Stockport Without Abuse.

For more information on how you can bid for Colin da Frog and donate to St Ann’s Hospice, please see the link here.